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At Cruz Concrete safety is always a top priority with a true commitment to the safety of every team member.  Cruz concrete has implemented top standards and instilled a safety culture for our employees to follow and live by.

Safety Consultant

    The commitment to safety at Cruz concrete includes having a Construction Safety Consultant, Walter Aguirre with Osha Phoenix.  Walter provides all training courses to our employees which includes but is not limited to Osha 10, Osha 30, Fall Protection and Forklift Certification.  Walter also conducts bi-weekly safety inspections at our job sites ensuring our team is adhering to our safety goals and culture.

COVID-19 Workplace Checklist

    Covid-19 protocols for Cruz concrete include using CDC guidelines to keep our employees and others safe.  We communicate these guidelines through daily Covid-19 checklists that are conducted through our field foremen and superintendents.  Cruz concrete has established an open-door policy that will assist any employee obtain a covid-19 test if requested.  Cruz concrete is transparent with all general contractors with all covid-19 related issues to assist with contact tracing.

Substance Abuse Testing

    To adhere to our commitment to a safe work environment for our team and other trades on site Cruz Concrete conducts pre-employment drug screening along with random drug testing.  We are able to successfully work for any general contractor with drug free environments.

​Safety Equipment & Gear

Our safety culture includes having open communication with our team and making them aware that Cruz concrete invests in the safety gear and necessities that will allow every team member to be safe and succeed to their fullest potential.

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